Necessary action to preserve the church Kenkenit Mikael

1. Professional research

Professional research and investigations of the situation and condition are the first step, to determine the necessary construction work. During such researches, every heritage connected to the church, should be documented and archived. The church has to be dated by using scientific methods and analysis of the rock material must be performed. Priests and the community from the Kenkenit Area are the biggest source for informations about the Church and should be deeply involved in any research and investigation.

2. Slope protection behind the church

The slope behind the church is a big problem, and during the rainy season in 2018, falling rocks have already damaged the corrugated iron roof and the church. Here, it has to be evaluated whether a brick wall can adequately secure the slope or if further action for slope stabilization are required. During the course of the slope stabilization, the enormous amount of water during the rainy season should also be considered and water courses around the church should be built.

3. Protection against weathering

The corrugated iron roof over the church is 20 years old, the eucalyptus wood scaffolding is partially damaged and overall the covering area is too small. To protect the church sufficiently against weathering, a larger roof must be built. Over the many years, the roof has suffered some damage. Structural changes and roof extensions or even a new, effectively protective roof are necessary. Protection of the church against weathering is the biggest task and absolutely essential to preserve the church.

4. Restauration with Limestone powder

The outer shell of the church, heavily damaged by the weather, must be restored with Limestone powder and loose rock must be fastened. Cracks in the rock must be closed and free-standing walls must be stabilized. If necessary, anchors are required to stabilize the rock. There is a need for professional evaluation to determine the actual work required on the church's rocks. The original structures of the church have to be preserved or restored.

5. Creation of a security concept

It is necessary to create a security concept for the church and related cultural heritage. The guards need to be better paid to ensure permanent protection against theft. Safes to secure the Church's precious objects must be purchased, and inventory control and monitoring processes must be defined. The community plays an important role in the aspect of theft prevention and must be integrated into any security concept. The community related to the churches used, managed, secured and renewed the churches for many generations. Connection to heritages is an important part of people‟s commitment to protect heritage places and values.

We, the Saint Lalibela Heritage Association, have already founded a committee of 9 members from our organization, dedicated to preserve and secure the survival of Church Kenkenit Mikael. 

Please help us preserve our endangered heritage!

We seek contacts with scientists, organizations and individuals who can help us with the various necessary actions. Please contact us if you are interested in our work or can assist us. Contact