Association of Saint Lalibela and its surrounding Heritage conservation and preservation

Ethiopian particularly LastaLalibela, are rich in manmade historic and cultural precious heritages. Our people loved their heritages but this is not supported by education and knowledge. The level of awareness about heritage conservation is too limited. To fill this gap we established a legal association in April 2018. When we established we were 29 but give thanks now the members are over 300 including Doctors and professors from abroad especially from Sweden.


The committee members who took the leading role of this association are highly committed and can make a difference in our place. They have different professional, long time experience and they are morally spiritual. The community has big trust up on them; they have good relation with church fathers.

Certificate of Registration and License 

North Wollo Zone Administrative & Security Affairs Department

Registration Number 427 - valid until April 23/2021


The local community members extremely love their heritages and they can give their life for them but it is not supported by knowledge how to preserve these beloved heritages. So establishing such kind of association to raise the awareness of the community is not an optional rather mandatory for the generation.  

Basic thematic issues we want to address through our association

1. raise the awareness of the local community about heritage conservation work

2. heritage conservation work/ tangible and intangible/ starting from cleaning to big protection construction work

3. establish association that can challenge the government and concerned bodies to contribute their effort to heritages

4. have a research and promotion program for the inaccessible heritages 

5. organize a cultural documentation center

Activities of the Saint Lalibela Heritage Association

The members of the association clean up the environment and the access routes to the churches in Lalibela and engage in environmental protection by planting native cuttings.


There are regular meetings of the club members and at events we inform about us, our work and challenges. We are in contact with the community of Lalibela, government representatives, university professors and tourism entrepreneurs, working together to develop concepts for the preservation of our cultural heritage. 

Projects to safe Kenkenit Mikael and secure Debreloza Maryam